Online Nepali unicode converter, this is the easiest Nepali Unicode, convert romanized nepali into Nepali Unicode font. This page will help you to convert or to type unicode nepali easily without any software and will automatically convert any romanized english text into Nepali font(Nepali unicode).

To mix English into your Nepali text. Simply put any text you want to keep in English inside the curly { } brackets. Example: यो मन त मेरो {Nepali} हो ।. = यो मन त मेरो Nepali हो ।

उस्तै उस्तै : ta = त, Ta = ट, tha = थ, Tha = ठ, da = द, Da = ड, dha = ध, Dha = ढ, na = न, Na = ण,
sha = श, Sha = ष … The (upper or lower) case doesn’t matter for the rest of the letters.

Special characters: ri^ = ्रि (as in प्रि), rr = र्‍ (as in गर्‍यो), rri = ऋ, rree = ॠ, yna = ञ, chha = छ ksha =क्ष, gya =ज्ञ, * =अनुस्वर, ** =चन्द्रबिन्दु, om = ॐ

To Add ह्रस्व इ-कार or to remove an extra आ-कार at the end of a word, use the slash (/) key. Example:

dinabhari = दिनभरी; dinabhari/ = दिनभरि
samjhana = सम्झना; samjhana/ = सम्झन